How To Fix Error 1500 and “Another Installation Is In Progress” Problems Quickly!

If you use the computer on a daily basis, you must have already encountered a series of Windows Installer errors from time to time. Among the error lists, the infamous error 1500 is one of the most recurring and frustrating errors for the average computer user. It happens unexpectedly as you are busy with the installation of software on your machine. The installer starts off fine, but quits in the middle as an error message is displayed on the screen saying “Another installation is in progress. You must complete the installation before progressing with this one.” This is not a major problem by any means and a definite solution exists to get rid of the error quickly.

There are three definite causes for which error 1500 might show up on your machine. The first cause deals with service permissions as any third party software or program might be blocking access to the installer of the current program. This might happen because of conflict issues so you should check if the program that you are installing has a conflict history with other utilities. If possible, you should try to remove the utility and restart the installation to see if it completes without any hassles.

The two other causes are more advanced for the normal user to tackle on their own. The second cause involves the traces of any unfinished installation left in the system and user temporarily files that might be causing a problem with the installer. They must be cleaned or deleted to proceed with the installation. The presence of an incorrect %AppData variable is the third option that might lead to similar problems by corrupting the .msi files of the Windows Installer. It can again be solved with a proper registry edit that should only be left for experienced professionals.

Average users do not need manual assistance and can get the entire problem fixed with a registry optimizer tool that can analyze and resolve any defects in the registry. Once the scan of the computer is complete, it would show the list of errors which you can remove. Once the errors have been removed, the machine needs to be rebooted for the changes to complete. The tool can even help in selective boot and startup process, disabling any services that might be responsible for the problem. One sweep with the registry optimizer can restore your system’s strength and remove error 1500 from the machine.